C program to Find Orthogonality of Matrix

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# include"stdio.h"
# include"stdlib.h"

# define row 10
# define col 10

int i, j, k;
int row1, col1;
float mat1[row][col];
float mat2[row][col];
float mat_res[row][col];

void mat_mult( float mat1[row][col], int, int,
float mat_res[row][col]);

void transpose( float transp[row][col], int, int);
void display(float mat[row][col], int, int);
void input(float mat[row][col], int , int);

void mat_mult( float mat1[row][col], int row1, int col1,
float mat_res[row][col])
	int flag ;
	if(col1 == row1)
		printf("\n Multiplication is possible and Result is as follows\n");

		for(i = 0; i


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