Caterpillar Sample Question Paper for Campus Placement

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Caterpillar Placement Paper
1.Two trains are travelling between two stations at a constant speed of 25kmph.The stations are 50km apart .A bird traveling at 100kmph starts its flight along with one train and travels in the same direction until it meets the other train. It changes its direction and goes in the reverse direction until it meets the initial train. Find the distance travelled by the bird before the two trains collide.

2.A flight carrying food packets is flying at a height of 1960m from the ground. The speed of the flight is given. Find the time taken for a food packet dropped at that instance to hit the ground.
(Hint: Use s=ut+(at^2)/2.Initial velocity as 0 coz the dropped food packet does not have velocity in the vertical direction.) when a square is constructed on 3 sides of a triangle ,their sides are in the ratio 1:3:4,THE WAT triangle is it x2+y2=45,xy=18,then 1/x+1/y= x-11/x>13/15,then x=

3. in race 100m,b bet c by 25m.a bet b by 20m.then a will beat c by what metres

4. 5 tables and 10 chairs were sold for 20000.15%gain for table,10%loss on chair. Overall profit rs 750.the cp of table is?

5. a man rows in still water in 9kmph in 2hr.if upstream vel is 2times down, then find speed of stream

6. h:base dia of a cone is 3:2.icecream is filled using hemisphere scoop whose half part is inside cone. if total length of ice-cream is 36 cm, find vol of ice-cream

7. a,b,c complete work in 4 days.a &b finish in 7 days.time for c is & similar sums length of line perpendicular to given line
8. eqn avg of 5 players is x. addition of 6th player increases avg by 2.add od 7thplyr decreases avg by 2.runs of 7th player is
9. if 500 more cows r there then each cow gets 40% less hay.the no of cows is value of gold is increasing by 11%.if present value is 10000,then value before 2 months is?

10. venn diagram verbal sum an amount doubles in 5 yrs due to SI.wat will be the value of the 13yrs 9 months if principal is added every year first a=I vaue of a square is assigner to b c=b+1 if squareroot of c>5o terminate,else go to beginning what is the last value of c 


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