IBM Placement :: Quantitative Aptitude Questions : Set - VII

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1. In 1978, a kg of paper was sold at Rs25/-. I f the paper rate increases at 1.5% more than inflation rate which is of 6.5% a year , then what wil be the cost of a kg of paper after 2 years?

a)29.12                 (b) 29.72                 (c) 30.12                 (d) 32.65                 (e) none of these

2. In A,B,C are having some marbles with each of them. A has giben B and C the same number of marbles they already have to each of them. then, B gave C and A the same no. of marbles they have, then C gave A and B the same no. of marbles they have. At the  end A,B,and C have equal no. of marbles.

(i) If x,y,z are the marbles initially with A,B,C respectively. then the no of marbles B have at the end

(a) 2(x-y-z)                     (b) 4(x-y-z) etc.

(ii)If the total no. of marbles are 72, then the no. of marbles with A at the starting
a. 20                 b. 30                 c. 32

3. If a car starts from A towards B with some velocity due to some problem in the engine after travelling 30km.If the car goes with 4/5 th of its actuval velocity the car reaches B 45min later to the actual time. If the car engine fails ofter travelling  45km, the car reaches the destination B 36min late to the actual time , what is the initial velocity of car and what is the distance between A and B in km

ans) 20 & 130.

4. A person has Rs 100/- in his pocket, he can as 25 pencils or 15books. He kept 15% of the money for travelling expenses and purchased 5 pencils.So how many books he can purchase with the remaining money.

5. The values of shares A,B and C from january to june are as follows.
month A B C

JAN 30 60 80
FEB 35 65 85
MAR 45 75 65
APR 40 75 82
MAY 55 75 85
JUNE 50 75 80

i) During this period which share has undergone max fluctuation?
ii) In which month it is possible to buy B and C selling A?
iii) In which month the share values are very low?
iv) By purchasing one share of A and 4 each of B and C in the beginning of the period , to get max profit when this shares should be sold?

6. In a computer institute 9 languages can taught. The module is of 6 months duration and only six languages each of one month can be taught. In addition to that BASIC is always there and should be in first month itself

# word perfect is to be taught in the preceeding week of word star.
# FORTRAN can not be taught until COBAL is coarsed prior to that
# BINO, FIFO never be taught in single module

i. Of the following which module is possible based on above conditions.
ii) If word star is in 3rd month , what could be in 6th month.
iii) If COBAL is in the 2nd month and BINO in 6th month are there in addition to the above condition, FORTRAN will be in which month.

7. In a class , except 18 all are above 50 years. 15 are below 50 years of age. how many people are there

a) 30                 b) 33                 c) 36                 d) none of these.

8. A square plot of some size , at four corners equal squares of some size are cut and is formed as open box. If this open box carries 128ml of oil. What is the size of the plate i.e. side

a.17                 b.14                 c.13

9. If mileage of old truck is 14 km/Liter.when he perchased a new truck then mileage of new truck is 16 km/,when he perchased a old van then its mileage is 9 km/Liter
And new van then its mileage is 13 km/liter. Now company traveled these 13000 km
Then how much liter company save per year.

10. In a square , all the mid points are joined. the inner square is shaded. If the area of the square is A, what is the shaded area?

11. A man can print 19055 page per day . then how many page he can print in half year?

12.  @(a,b)= (a+b)/2
        /(a,b)= a.b
        *(a,b)= ab , if a=1, b=2 find
       i) /(a,(@(a,b),*(a,b)))

13. (x#y) = x+y-xy
       (x*y) = (x+y)/2

i) (x#y)#(x*y) < (x#y), which of the below values of x, y will satisfy this equation
ii) (a*b)#(b*c)< (a#b)*(b*c) , what values of a,b,c satisfy the above.

14. By using the data given below answer the following questions. M.A
male 20, female 80, total 60  some thing similar to that question.

i) 40% of females are B.Techs
ii) Half of the students are either from B.Techs of M.Scs
iii) ...
i. what is the no. of female B.techs
dont remember this question , just for an example this has been given .

15. Which One of the following is my secret word :AIM  DUE  MOD  OAT  TIE. With the list in front of you, if I were to tell you any one of my secret word, then you would be able to tell me the number of vowels in my secret word. Which is my secret word?

Ans. TIE
16. In the following figure: A  B  C


                                              E   F  G



Each of the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 is:

a)Represented by a different letter in the figure above.
b)Positioned in the figure above so that each of A + B + C,C + D +E,E + F + G, and G + H + I is equal to 13.
Which digit does E represent?

Ans.E is 4

17. One of Mr. Jon ,his wife,their son,and Mr. Jon's mother is a doctor and another is a lawyer.

a)If the doctor is younger than the lawyer, then the doctor and the lawyer are not blood relatives.
b)If the doctor is a woman, then the doctor and the lawyer are blood relatives.
c)If the lawyer is a man, then the doctor is a man.
Whose occupation you know?

Ans.Mr. Jon: is the doctor.


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