Microsoft Interview Questions (Part - II)

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                                                 PART - I>>
26. Write a small lexical analyzer - interviewer gave tokens. expressions like "a*b" etc.

27. Besides communication cost what is the other source of inefficiency in RPC?
Answer : context switches, excessive buffer copying).
How can you optimise the communication? (Ans : communicate through shared memory on same machine, bypassing the kernel _ A Univ. of Wash. thesis)

28. Write a routine that prints out a 2-D array in spiral order!

29. How is the readers-writers problem solved? - using semaphores/ada .. etc.

30. Ways of optimizing symbol table storage in compilers.

31. A walk-through through the symbol table functions, lookup() implementation etc - The interv. was on the Microsoft C team.

32. A version of the "There are three persons X Y Z, one of which always lies"..  etc.. (also vending machines).

33. There are 3 ants at 3 corners of a triangle, they randomly start moving towards another corner.. what is the probability that they do not collide.

34. Write an efficient algorithm and C code to shuffle a pack of cards.. this   one was a feedback process until we came up with one with no extra     storage.

36. Some more bitwise optimization at assembly level.

37. Some general questions on Lex Yacc etc.

38. Given an array of characters. How would you reverse it?

39. How would you reverse it without using indexing in the array

40. Given a sequence of characters. How will you convert the lower case characters to upper case characters.

41. RPC Fundamentals

42. Given a linked list, which is sorted. How will u insert in sorted

44. Tell me the courses you liked and why did you like them.

45. Give an instance in your life in which u were faced with a problem and you   tackled it successfully. (oops!)

46. What is your ideal working environment.

47. Why do u think u are smart???

48. Questions on the projects listed on the Resume.

49. Do you want to know any thing about the company.( Try to ask some relevant and interesting question).

50. How long do u want to stay in USA and why?


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