Quantitative Aptitude Questions for Bank Examinations and Campus Placement :: Set - VII

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 1)When a four digit number is multiplied by N,the four digit number repeats itself to give an 8 digit number .If four digit number has all distinct digits then N is a multiple of ?
a)11 b) 37 c)73 d) 27
Ans 73

2)Find the greatest and least values of
f(x) = x^4 +x^2+5 / (x^2+1)(x^2+1)
for real x
a)5,0.95 b ) 5,-1 c)4,0 d)3,2
Ans a

3)Out of m persons sitting at a round table in how many ways no two of the persons
A,B, C are sitting together?
a)m(m-1)(m-2) b)m(m-2)(m-3) c)m(m-4)(m-5) d)m(m-1)
Ans c

4)A bookworm starts eating pages of a book from a certain page number in ascending order of page numbers without missing a single page between the first and last pages eaten by it .When it finished with its job it counts the sum of the page numbers of
all the pages eaten and finds that the sum is 198.Find the page number where it stopped eating?The cover page of the book is page number 1 and the worm always eats both sides of a sheet.
a)11 b) 22 c) 33 d ) 44
Ans c

5)The number from 1 to 33 are written side by side as follows : 123456...........33.If this number is divided by 9 what is the remainder?
a)0 b)1 c)3 d) 6
Ans c

6) A positive three digit number X is such,when divided in two unequal three digit number,the larger part is the aritmetic mean of X and the smaller part.How many values can X take?
a)300 b)234 c)198 d)None
Ans b

7)A 101 digit number 222.........2X3...333 is formed by repeating the digit 2,50 times followed by the digit X and then repeating the digit 3,50 times.The number is a multiple of 7.Find the value of X.?
a)2 b)3 c ) 4 d ) 5
Ans d

8) There are ten coin making machine.Nine of them produces coins of 10 gm each while the tenth machine produces coins with 11 gm weight . If one has a weight measuring instrument to measure weight in grams,how many minimum number of readings are required
to determine which machine produces heavier coins?
a)1 b)3 c)4 d)None of these
Ans a

9)A student is solving a maths problem.He attempts to solve a particular problem where he has to determine the sum of the squares of the roots of the given polynomial.
The print having faded over time,he can see only 3 terms of the fifth degree polynomial
x^5-11x^4+....-13=0 is all that is visible.He still manages to find the answers What is it given that -1 is the root and all other roots are integers?
1)171 2)173 3)169 4)None
Ans 2

10) The number 444444....(999 times) is definitely divisible by:
a)22 b)44 c)222 d)444
Ans c

11)If a three digit number is divided into three two digit numbers and if all these three two digit numbers from an A.P. with a common difference of 20.How many three digit numbers satisfy this condition?
a)54 b)45 c)46 d) 55
Ans c

12) If first 23 terms of the series 1,11,111 are added together ,what digit would occupy the thousands place?
a)3 b)0 c)9 d)2
Ans d

13)A chord is drawn arbitrarily in a given circle.What is the probability that the length of the chord is less than or equal to the radius of the circle?
a)0.5 b)0.25 c)0 d)0.33
Ans d

14) Ravi,Deepak and Amod started out on a 100 mile journey.Ravi and Deepak went by car at the rate of 25mph,while Amod walked at the rate of 5 mph.After a certain distance,Deepak got off and started walking at 5 mph,while Ravi drove back for Amod and
got him to the destination in the car at the same time that Deepak arrived.
Q)What is the time taken by Amod to finish the journey?
a)6 b)7 c)8 d)None
Ans c
Q)What was the total distance(in miles) travelled by Ravi?
a)100 b)200 c)250 d)150
Ans b

15)How many natural numbers are factors of 7560 and multiples of 14?
a)20 b)22 c)24 d)28
Ans. c)

16)Definition:If a,k and n are positive integers with k>1,and n=k*a ,then a is called
proper divisor of n.How many positive integers less than 54 are equal to the product of their proper divisors?
a)1 b)8 c)10 d)14
Ans d

17) Given that A is a six digit number with unit digit of 1,and B is a natural number which is the fourth root of A,what is the largest possible value of B?
a)23 b)29 c)31 d)37
Ans 31

18)How many integers greater than 40,00,000 and less than 90,00,000 are perfect squares?
a)100 b)999 c)1000 d)1999

19)Six integers are selected from 1 to 100 in such a way that the smallest positive difference between any two of them is as large as possible.What is this difference?
a)16 b)17 c)19 d)20

20)How many different points in the xy plane are at a distance of 5 from the origin and have coordinates (a,b) ,where a and b are integers?
a)4 b)6 c)8 d) 12


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