CapGemini Campus Placement Question Papers | Paper I

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The Capgemini recruitment test includes a written test which contains two sections:
1.) Quantitative 25 questions
2.) Analytical 25 questions 
Here is a series of Question Papers with answers of Capgemini recruitment tests.

1.Fresh Grapes contain 90% water by wt. Dried grapes contain 20% water by %age. What will b wt of dried grapes when we begin with 20 kg fresh grapes?
a)2kg b) 2.4kg c) 2.5kg d) none

Answer. C

2.How many 5 digit no. can b formed wit digits 1, 2, 3,4,5,6 which r divisible by 4 and digits not repeated
a)144 b)168 c)192 d) none
Answer. C

3.There is a rectangular Garden whose length and width are 60m X 20m.There is a walkway of uniform width around garden. Area of walkway is 516m^2. Find width of walkway
a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4
Answer. C

4.If 1= (3/4)(1+ (y/x) ) then
b) x=y/3
c) x=(2/3)y
d) none
Answer. A

5. The sum of six consecutive odd nos. is 888. What is the average of the nos.?
d) 146
Answer. B

6. 1,27,125,?,729,1331 find missing number.
Ans: 343

7. Find approx value of 39.987/0.8102+1.987*18.02
a)72 b)56 c)86 d)44
Answer. C

8. Asish was given Rs. 158 in denominations of Rs 1 each. He distributes these in diff bags, such that ne sum of money of denomination betn 1 and 158 can be given in bags. The min no. of such bags reqd
a)10 b)17 c)15 d) none
Answer. D

9. If a certain sum of money at SI doubles itself in 5 yrs then what is the rate?
a)5% b) 10% c)25% d)20%
Ans: D

10. A man engaged a servant on a condition that he,ll pay Rs 90 and also give him a bag at the end of the yr. He served for 9 months and was given a turban and Rs 65. So the price of turban is ?
i)Rs 10 II) Rs 19 iii)Rs 0 iv)Rs 55
Ans: A

11. The sum of six consecutive odd nos. is 888. What is the average of the nos.?
i. 147 ii. 148 iii. 149 iv. 146
Ans: B

12. In a race from pt. X to pt Y and back, Jack averages 30miles/hr to pt Y and 10 miles/hr back to pr X.Sandy averages 20 miles/hr in both directions. If Jack and Sandy start race at same tym, who,ll finish 1st ?
Jack/Sandy/they tie/Impossible to tell
Ans: they tie ( check it)

13. 2 men at same tym start walking towards each other from A n B 72 kms apart. sp of A is 4kmph.Sp of B is 2 kmph in 1st hr,2.5 in 2nd, 3 in rd. n so on.when will they meet
i in 7 hrs
ii at 35 kms from A
iii in 10 hrs
iv midway
Ans: D

14. If the ratio of prod of 3 diff comp,s A B & C is 4:7:5 and of overall prod last yr was 4lac tones and if each comp had an increase of 20% in prod level this yr what is the prod of Comp B this yr?
i. 2.1L
Ans: A

15. If 70% of a no. is subtracted from itself it reduces to 81.what is two fifth of that no.?
Ans. A

16. If radius of cylinder and sphere r same and vol of sphere and cylinder r same what is d ratio betn the radius and height of the cylinder
i. R= H
ii. R= (3/4)H
iii. R = (4/3)H
iv. R=2/3H
Ans: C

17. Which one of the foll fractions is arranged in ascending order
i. 9/11,7/9,11/13,13/14
ii 7/8,9/11,11/13,13/14
iii 9/11,11/13,7/8,13/14
iv none
Ans: C

i. 8
ii. 6
iii. 4
iv. none
Ans: C

19. units digit in expansion os 2 raised to 51 is:
Ans: D

20. Three wheels make 36, 24, 60 rev/min. Each has a black mark on it. It is aligned at the start of the qn. When does it align again for the first tym?
14/20/22/5 sec question on determinant having 4 colm and 3 rows I do not remember what exactly it.
I had not solve it

22. one question on zeometry on triangle one side and angle is given like AD is perpendicular to BC ,BD is Given find AC?
I had not solve it

24. one question on progression , a simple one.

25. one question on share .a tough one.

Section B
Direction for Qn 1-4
An employee has to allocate offices to 6 staff members. The offices are no. 1-6. the offices are arranged in a row and they are separated from each other by dividers>hence voices, sounds and cigarette smoke flow easily from one office to another
Miss R needs to use the telephone quite often throughout the day. Mr. M and Mr. B need adjacent offices as they need to consult each other often while working. Miss H is a senior employee and his to be allotted the office no. 5, having the biggest window.
Mr. D requires silence in office next to his. Mr. T, Mr. M and Mr. D are all smokers. Miss H finds tobacco smoke allergic and consecutively the offices next to hers are occupied by non-smokers. Unless specifically stated all the employees maintain an atmosphere of silence during office hrs.
Solution: Arrangements= D T M B H R.


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