Solved Question Paper: SSC Food Corporation of India (FCI) Recruitment Exam

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Solved Question Paper of SSC Food Corporation of India (FCI) Recruitment Exam 
Assistant Grade – III Posts (General/ Accounts/ Technical/ Depot)
(Exam Held On: 11-11-2012)

1. Firms under perfectly competitive markets generally are
    a) Price makers
    b) Price givers
    c) Price takers
    d) Price fixers

2. Select the odd one in the following:
    a) Petroleum
    b) Coal
    c) Fuel wood
    d) Electricity

3. National Income is
    a) Net National Product – Indirect Taxes + Subsidies
    b) Gross National Product – Direct Taxes
    c) Gross Domestic Product – Imports
    d) Net Domestic Product + Products

4. Which statement is true?
    a) Money is a good servant
    b) Money is a good servant but bad a bad master
   c) Money is a good master but a bad servant
    d) Money is a good master and a good servant

5. India has adopted ______________ as its economic system to bring about a socialistic
    pattern of society.
    a) Socialism
    b) Mixed economy
    c) Capitalism
    d) Political economy

6. Local government are the basis of
    a) Aristocracy
    b) Secularism
    c) Democracy
    d) Reservation

7. The final interpreter of the Indian Constitution is
    a) Central Cabinet
    b) President
    c) High Court
    d) Supreme Court

8. One of the following laws favours women’s interests:
    a) Equal Remuneration Act
    b) Protection of Civil Rights Act
    c) Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act
    d) None of the above

9. One of the following was once an associate State of the Union of India and later
    became a full fledged State:
    a) Jharkhand
    b) Chhattisgarh
    c) Arunanchal Pradesh
    d) Sikkim

10. President of India can be impeached by
      a) Specially constituted Tribunal
      b) Supreme Court
      c) Central Cabinet
      d) Parliament

11. Who among the following was the leader of Cabinet Mission?
      a) Stafford Cripps
      b) Linlithgow
      c) A.V. Alexander
      d) Sir Pethick Lawrence

12. In which one of the following battles did Nadir Shah defeat the Mughal Emperor
      Mohammad Shah?
      a) Delhi
      b) Karnal
      c) Panipat
      d) Kanpur

13. Mahabashya was written by
      a) Gargi
      b) Manu
      c) Bana
      d) Patanjali

14. The song ‘Jana-Gana-Mana’ composed by Rabindra nath Tagore was first published
       in January 1912 under the title of
       a) Rashtra Jagrati
       b) Tatva Bodhini
       c) Bharat Vidhata
       d) None of the above

15. Sher Shah died while fighting in
      a) Chausa
      b) Kalinga
      c) Kalinjar
      d) None of the above

16. Biosphere reserves are meant to
      a) Preserve wild land flora and fauna
      b) Experiment and develop forest products
      c) Experiment and develop agriculture products
      d) All the above
        Biosphere Reserves are sites for experimenting with and learning about sustainable

17. Days and nights are caused because of
      a) shape of Earth’s orbit
      b) revolution movement
      c) rotational movement
      d) None of the above

18. Chennai gets less rain than other places from the South-West monsoons because
      a) The monsoon runs parallel to Coromandel coast
      b) Chennai is too hot to allow moisture to condense
      c) They are off-shore winds
      d) All the above

19. The climate of India is
      a) Equatorial
      b) Monsoonal
      c) Mediterranean
      d) Continental

20. Laterite soils are found in
      a) heavy rainfall region
      b) desert  region
      c) tropical region
      d) tropical region with wet and dry climate

21. Photosynthesis takes place in
      a) Roots of the plants
      b) Green parts of the plants
      c) Stems of the plants
      d) All parts of the plants

22. Universal Blood Donor is
      a) A group
      b) B group
      c) AB group
      d) O group

23. Alcoholic fermentation is brought by
      a) Mushrooms
      b) Ameoba
      c) Virus
      d) Yeast

24. Birds and bats are good fliers. The bat differs from bird in having
       a) Four chambered heart
       b) Diaphragm
       c) Wings
       d) Small brain

25. ‘Tube within a tube’ type of body plan is found in
       a) Sea anemone
       b) Leech
       c) Ameoba
       d) Sycon

26. The portion of a plant that is grafted on to the other plant is called
      a) Stock
      b) Scion
      c) Stalk
      d) Sucker

27. White light is a mixture of how many colours?
      a) 4
      b) 5
      c) 6
     d) 7

28. Surface tension arises due to
      a) adhesive force between molecules
      b) cohesive force between molecules
      c) gravitational force between molecules
      d) electrical force between molecules

29. A particle covers equal distance around a circular path in equal interval of time.
      It has uniform
     a) Velocity
     b) Speed
     c) Acceleration
     d) Momentum

30. Which of the following will always produce a diminished image of an object
       placed before it?
       a) Plane mirror
       b) Convex mirror
       c) Convex lens
       d) Concave mirror

31. The term PC means
       a) Private Computer
       b) Personal Calculator
       c) Personal Computer
       d) Professional Computer

32. A translator for the high-level language program into machine code is
      a) Assembler
      b) Compiler
      c) Loader
      d) Linker

33. Atomic nuclei are composed of
      a) Protons and electrons
      b) Protons and isotrons
      c) Electrons and neutrons
      d) Protons and neutrons

34. Which allotrope of carbon is used both as a lubricant and as lead in pencils?
      a) Diamond
      b) Coal
      c) Charcoal
      d) Graphite

35. Example of aerosol is
      a) Milk
      b) River water
      c) Smoke
      d) Blood

36. A process that is almost the reverse of photosynthesis is the
      a) digestion of starch
       b) melting of iron
      c) ripening of fruit
      d) burning of wood

37. Ozone hole was discovered over Antarctica in
      a) 1975
      b) 1985
      c) 1978
      d) 1987

38. Yusho disease, discovered in Japan, is related with pollution due to
      a) PCB
      b) Cadmium
      c) Acid rain
      d) PAN

39. The Pyramid of Biomass is invented in which ecosystem?
      a) Pond
      b) Forest
      c) Grassland
      d) Mangrove

40. Central Pollution Control Board comes under the Ministry of
      a) Health and Family Welfare
      b) Oil and Petroleum
      c) Social Welfare
      d) Environment and Forests

41. Hyderabad is famous for a museum. Name the museum.
      a) Prince Wales Museum
      b) Salarjung Museum
      c) National Museum
      d) Victoria Museum

42. Which city is known as Electronic City?
      a) Gurgaon
      b) Bengaluru
      c) Jaipur
      d) Salem

43. First woman President of India is
      a)Mrs. Najma Heptulla
      b) Mrs. Shiela Dikshit
      c) Mrs. Vasundhara Raje Scindia
      d) Mrs. Pratibha Patil

44. To which country does India exports the maximum gems and ornaments in value terms?
      a) U.S.A.
      b) Britain
      c) Russia
      d) Japan

45. The famous Dilwara Temples are situated in
      a) Rajasthan
      b) Uttar Pradesh
      c) Madhya Pradesh
      d) Maharashtra

46. The President of India has awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award to
      a) Vijay Kumar (Shooter)
      b) M.S. Dhoni (Cricketer)
      c) Both (A) and (B)
      d) None of the above

47. India has won the Under-19 Cricket World Cup, 2012 after defeating ______ in the final.
      a) Australia
      b) England
      c) South Africa
      d) Pakistan

48. Bharatpur Sancuary is located in the State of
     a) Orissa
     b) Tamil Nadu
     c) Karnataka
     d) Rajasthan

49. The 2014 Shooting World Championship will be held in
      a) Granada in Spain
      b) New Delhi in India
      c) Toronto in Canada
      d) Mebourne in Australia

50. Rathyatra at Puri is celebrated in honour of
      a) Lord Rama
      b) Lord Jagan Nath
      c) Sri Chaitanya Prabhu
      d) Sri Satya Sai Baba


1) a 2) c 3) a 4) b 5) b 6) c7) d 8) c 9) d 10) d
11) a 12) b 13) d 14) c 15) c 16) d 17) c 18) b 19) b 20) d
21) b 22) d 23) d 24) b 25) b 26) b 27) d 28) b 29) b 30) c
31) c 32) b 33) d 34) d 35) c  36) d 37) b 38) a 39) a 40) d
41) b 42) b 43) d 44) a 45) a  46) a 47) a 48) d 49) a 50) b


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