Sample Questions for Amazon Interview (Part - IV)

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1. Given an array of random integers find the first repeated integer( one with the lowest index).

2. Write the code to find the negative of a given BST.

3. Given an array of random integers such that each integer is repeated even number of times 
except one element x which is repeated odd number of times find x(don't use xor operator).

4. i)  Data structure to store an integer of an undefined length.
   ii) To Add two such integers

5. How will you implement stack & write pop for it.

6. Code for isBST & order analysis(proper mathematical derivation).

7. Write a code to Find the number of words in a string

8. Deadlock prevention technique.

9. Draw state diagram of process.

10. Define tree.

11. int a[10] :
a = (int*)malloc(sizeof(int)*10); Result??

12. Write a code to convert a binary tree to a circular doubly linked list(inorder traversal)

13) Write a code to remove comments from a C code(handle all the cases).

14. Data Structure to implement caching using LRU. (you have the page numbers the corresponding index and the timestamp of last accessed).


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