Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS Exam (Part - I)

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1. If 20% of 40% of a = 25% of a% of b, then what is b?

2. By what % is 200 more than 50?

3. A value changes from 30 to 80. What is the percentage change?

4. The population of a city is increased by 30% and thus became 78000. What is the original population?

5. In a theatre, the number of seats is increased by 20% and the price per ticket is increased by 10% but the public response decreased by 30%. What is the net effect on the economy of the theatre?

A saves 20% of his income. His income is increased by 20% and so he increased his expenditure by 30%. What is the percentage change in his savings?

6. The price of petrol is increased by 25%. By what percent the consumption be reduced to make the expenditure remain the same?

7. The side of a square is increased by 20%. The percentage change in its area is ___ %

8. If the length of a rectangle is increased by 33.33%, by what percentage should the breadth be reduced to make the area same?

9. In an election between two candidates, A and B, A secured 56% of the votes and won by 48000 votes. Find the total number of votes polled if 20% of the votes were declared invalid.


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